Fritz Braun is a typical “Pfälzer”: spirited, friendly and articulate. The gourmand conceals his weakness for the temptations of the kitchen and the wine cellar under a comfortably-cut polo shirt. The family winery, whose fortunes have defined the Meckenheim man for more than three decades, originated in the early 1970s from two businesses. At the time, Braun took over the winery of his namesake from the nearby village of Ellerstadt – and the very talented daughter of the house at the same time!

These days, he leaves the daily operations largely to his two sons Michael and Martin. Wife, Brunhilde, takes care of the ever-growing clientele. And mother Johanna can still be found every lunchtime at the stove, cooking for the whole family, despite her 90 plus years. But, as the heart and soul of the household, she also radiates an air of serenity, if it gets too hectic at the winery’s base in Meckenheim.