The Beginning

Our family has a very long tradition of winemaking. Today, we have been growing grapes and producing wines for over two centuries.

At the moment, the handover from the 6th to the 7th generation is taking place. Nevertheless, we are still a very young winery. That’s because the first steps in direct marketing i.e. not delivering our grapes to a cooperative but bottling and marketing the wine ourselves, were only made after the Second World War in Ellerstadt.

The Merger of Two Wineries

Today’s Braun Winery in Meckenheim has developed from two wineries in the mid-1970s.

However, nobody had to worry about a new nameor make a double-barrelled name because, as luck would have it (or maybe we should call it fate), the owners of both wineries had the surname Braun! Not related and not linked by marriage – at least not at that point in time.

The Ellerstadt winery was founded after the war by Fritz Braun, father of the current business manager, Brunhilde Braun. Her husband who, curiously, also answers to the name Fritz Braun, comes from Meckenheim, and founded his winery there in 1971. In subsequent years winemaking at Ellerstadt was completely relocated to Meckenheim. Still today, half of all our vineyards are in the Ellerstadt area, but the business premises there were closed after the death of Fritz Braun senior in 2006.

At the moment, another generational change is taking place in the Braun Winery. The two sons, Michael and Martin Braun, have both entered the family business and will share the workload in future.

These days, our family and our employees manage about 40 hectares of vines in the best vineyards in and around Meckenheim and Ellerstadt. When converted into the quantity of wine produced here each year, this equates to an average of about 300,000 bottles – both 1 litre and 750 ml – filled directly at our winery.