Our Philosophy

Quality is created in the vineyard. That’s first and foremost the basic principle, and this is a goal we pursue with meticulous discipline and a lot of emotion. We conserve the environment and care for our vines down to the last detail. That’s because we are convinced that only carefully-tended vines mature the best grapes. Only then can a healthy and high-quality grape harvest be processed in the wine cellar into the finest wines.

In contrast, our winemaking philosophy is „less is more“. Only do what is absolutely necessary, in order to obtain as much as possible, from what was created in collaboration with nature over the previous 12 months in the vineyard.

All these things together result in wines, which range from clear, fresh litre-bottled wines to high quality dry and late harvested whites with residual sweetness, as well as oak barrel matured red wines.

We would describe ourselves as a young, dynamic and innovative winery, which maintains its traditions, but which always asks itself challenging questions and recognises changing times.

Quality Standards

Quality standards at Braun are high. They have to be. Only then can we stand out from the anonymous mass-produced or so called “Coca-Cola” wines and succeed in the highly competitive wine market. Therefore, both our family and our employees invest a lot of time, discipline and precision. This applies not only to grape production in the vineyard, but also to the wine processing in the cellar. Every year we have to take on new challenges, be they due to animal pests, late-summer hailstorms or drought over the summer period.